MAMA Contest

Play with Japanese Vocabulary!

This is a contest for memorizing Japanese vocabulary, using MAMA(Memory Aid Magical Alternatives)method which makes memorizing Japanese vocabulary fun

Sample: Japanese word “駅(えき)/ eki ” for station.

Japanese word “駅(えき)/ eki ” for station. MAMA-image

Imagine an elephant for the syllable “e” and a king for “ki,” and then create an image that they are fighting in the station. You will be able to easily remember the word eki by always imaging the scene whenever you see the station.

The contest theme for February:
Words concerning body

Please send us your fun story (and illustration if possible) of a body name word selecting from the below.

Notes for application:

  1. You may use only the first two sounds(syllables).
  2. You may apply as many as you want.
  3. The February contest will be closed by the end of February


  1. The best work will be listed on the top of each word.
  2. Excellent illustration work may be displayed in future Hiragana Times cover.
  3. A surprise gift may be offered to excellent works.
  4. The selection will be made by the Hiragana Times editorial team.
  5. The result will be shown by the 10th of the following month.


Body related assignment words: